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As long as you can mend it

As long as you can mend it, 2015

Once upon a time, in the first half of the first half of the twenty-first century, in south-east Europe, there was a visual artist that made her first ever stitching piece of artwork.

It was a small piece of canvas (11x19 cm) where she stitched hers and her then boyfriend’s initials equal heart on fire. A few months later and after she had met her life partner, it evolved to what remained to this day: "As long as you can mend it", where she cut off the L letter, reversed it, turned it into a J and stitched it back in the missing place.


Text & Embroidery: Angeliki Douveri was born in Athens, Greece in 1974. She has a strong background in photography but explores any medium that she feels will convey her message better. Admittedly she has been increasingly using stitching in the last few years. She has had five personal exhibitions in Greece and has participated in more than sixty group exhibitions and festivals in Europe and the USA. She believes that art should be for everyone. That was what drove her to organise an international artist residency in rural Greece between 2013-2017.