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The Marathon, Seen Politically

by Hala Koutrach

At Festival TheaterFormen in Braunschweig, Ogutu Muraya presents his work "Because I Always Feel Like Running". Here you can listen to commented impressions.

At Festival TheaterFormen in Braunschweig, 7th till 17th June, all kinds of theater productions, performances, concerts, screenings, and talks take place. As one of the biggest festivals for international theater, the artists come from around the world. Their stories and images weave a semiotic net, which tells about conflicts, identity, postcolonial and globalised life.

Not only the theater productions are multilingual or provided with subtitles, so is the blog of Theaterformen!

Alongside the festival, there is a blog with reviews, comments, interviews and fotos, that grow among the festival's productions. The contributers to the blog are students and journalists. See for yourself, if your first language is represented: http://blog.theaterformen.de/

Here we share contributions to the Festival TheaterFormen Blog - this time, Hala Koutrach comments on "Because I Always Feel Like Running" by Ogutu Muraya:

Through historical, documentary and personal narratives, Ogutu Muraya investigates the runners’ body both as a political repository and vulnerable and resilient biological organism!

Find the audio here on blog.theaterformen.de

Foto: Ogutu Muraya

Festival TheaterFormen 2018: The festival takes place at Staatstheater Braunschweig, 7th till 17th June. Check the program for more information.

Autorin: Hala Koutrach | Foto: Ogutu Muraya | Aufbereitung: Cameo Kollektiv

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