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Fraternal kiss

von Darko Taleski

The socialist fraternal kiss was a special form of greeting between socialist leaders. The act demonstrated the special connection that exists between socialist countries, consisting of an embrace, along with a series of three kisses on alternate cheeks. In rare cases, when the two leaders considered themselves exceptionally close, the kisses were given on the mouth rather than on the cheeks.

The fraternal kiss became famous via Erich Honecker and Leonid Brezhnev, who were photographed exercising the ritual. The photograph became widespread and it was subsequently reproduced into a graffiti painting on the Berlin Wall named "My God, Help Me to Survive This Deadly Love".


Fraternal kiss
Photography, photo-manipulation

The art work “We need a Fraternal kiss” it is a personal interpretation of the author of the very known photography Socialistic fraternal kiss taken by Régis Bossu in East Berlin on October 7, 1979 and the graffiti “My God, help me to survive this deadly love” by Dmitri Vrubel from 1990 painted on the Berlin Wall. The photography “Fraternal kiss we need” is a self-portrait of the author. On the photo he is kissing himself.

Darko Taleski was born in 1980 in Prilep, Macedonia. He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria, where he received a master’s degree in media and advertising in 2006. He has participated in many exhibitions in Macedonia and abroad such as Bulgaria, Germany, Austria, Canada, Taiwan, Italy, USA, Spain, Norway, BH. His one-minute film “Nostalgia for Art” was screened at the 2012 Toronto Urban Festival and the MOCA Museum in Taipei, Taiwan 2015. In the past he has hown interest in the abstract representation of the world through colors in which reality is constantly intertwined with motions. He is subversive in his recent approach to art in which he uses his body as a canvas to express emotions, as the marks on his skin remain visible for some time before they disappear. In 2018 he was awarded a special prize at the Osten Biennale of Drawing.

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