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Unsilencing of Baloch

Balochistan is a region in Pakistan. It has an autonomous status, yet the people of Balochistan feel oppressed by Pakistan. Demonstrators and protests are violently suppressed, people end up in prison or disappear.The photographer Prova Noorjahan met some Baloch protesters in Germany, while they were holding posters in their hands. She talked to them and heard their stories. They were granted political asylum in Germany and were able to escape from a Pakistani jail. These Baloch people are now living in Germany in a very safe place. However, they are always in fear of losing their families, which are still suffering in Baluchistan. Prova wants to spread the word about their situation wherever she goes. She wants her camera to be her language of refutation. As a passionate real-life observant, Prova is always keen to express her emotions through photography.


Prova Noorjahan was born and raised in Bangladesh, where she graduated in Bengali literature and later photography at the Pathshala photography institute. She completed a scholarship lately, a one year course in „International photography class" at Hochschule Hannover.

Photography: Prova Noorjahan

You can find her online here

Wenn Menschen mit verschiedenen Perspektiven zusammenarbeiten, entsteht Großartiges – ein Upgrade durch Migration.

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