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Sensual response

by Gorelina Varvara

A series of works is devoted to the theme of human intimacy, fragility and sensuality, transmitted through erotic images in the body pink palette.

The artist frees the body from clothing and exposes the flesh to the organs to remind the viewer that they are human, and that within each hidden pain and desire for love.

The importance of human feelings is the main theme of Varvara’s work. The theme reflects an continues her psychological work on herself. She comprehends the consequences of displaced feelings, weighs the damage of depreciations and in her works urges to experience everything that happens on a sensual level. Because this ist the only was to experience happiness in love, in her opinion.

Gorelina Varvara was born in Kazakhstan. She graduated from the Faculty of Art in 2012, the same year she moved to Russia. After the classical education she started looking for her style, color scheme and theme. In 2019, 17 paintings were presented at a solo exhibition. Check out Varvaras Instagram

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