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Spreading Love

In the current situation, where the pandemic outbreaks hits the world, with the outbreak of this virus so quickly in almost every country in the world, making everyone haunted by extraordinary fear and panic. Love is the most important medicine, to dispel fear and panic, we must spread love to everyone, in any situation.

In my works the spread of love is spread through the hair. In times of crisis, when horror and panic are the most common conditions among people. To minimize these feelings. Only love can intervene to give another aspect to life.and allow people to feel confident and that is what the current canvas presents. A request to spread love and come to the aid of others.


Antonius Kho was born in Klaten, Central Java. His works are a synthesis of East and West. The vibrant earth tones of his native Java find life and substance in his carefully structured compositions. He seeks to resolve the fluid, graceful, mutable philosophy of Indonesia with solid, reasonable, almost cubist forms.

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Im Rahmen des Themenfokus #liebe auf upgration.de zeigen wir 2020 verschiedene Perspektiven auf das Thema. Zeige uns Deine Gedanken dazu, komm vorbei oder schreib uns an: redaktion@upgration.de

Wenn Menschen mit verschiedenen Perspektiven zusammenarbeiten, entsteht Großartiges – ein Upgrade durch Migration.

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